Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quick-n-Dirty Extract Kolsch

Quick-n-Dirty Extract Kolsch

1 can Coopers Pilsener kit
2.5 lbs Extra Light Dry Extract
Wyeast Kolsch II 2575
Boil kit + extract with 2.5 gallons of water

Cool and transfer into a 5 gallon fermenter, top off with 2.5 gallons 60F water.

Ferment 2 weeks @ 60F
Lager 2 weeks @ 35F

This authentic Kolsch strain from one of Germany’s leading brewing
schools has a rich flavor profile which accentuates a soft malt
finish. It has Low or no detectable diacetyl production and will also
ferment well at colder temperatures for fast lager type beers.

I suspect that this is the W 177 strain from the Weihenstephan.

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