Sunday, June 1, 2014

Kellerbier Steam Pilsener

Extract Kellerbier Steam Pilsener

This was inspired by reading both the ‘Smoked Beers’ book and a cool artice from the Nov 2005 BYO ‘Kellerbier’ by Horst Dornbusch. Dornbusch’s article talks about Franconian unfiltered lagers and using ‘oak chip tea’ to simulate the barrel aging process.   This time I'm using Anchor Steam style lager yeast fermented at 60F

The below is an extract version of this older recipe of mine in combination with this one.

Trying to imitate a barrel aged lager from 100 years ago when (presumably) malted barely had a slight smokey character. 

Kellerbier Steam Pilsener
Size: 5.0 gallons US
Style: Bohemian Pilsener
OG: 1.050, FG:1.013, Alc:4.9, IBU: 44.0
Dry Light Mart Extract 5.00 lb 
Briess CaraPils 1 lb 
Breiss Smoked Malt (cherry) 1 lb
German Smoked (beechwood) 0.5 lb 

Name amount units Alpha Min IBU
Saaz 2.00 oz 3.2 60.0 30.0
Saaz 1.00 oz 3.2 30.0 11.0
Saaz 1.00 oz 3.2 15.0 2.0

1 pint of ‘Oak Chip Tea’ made with 4oz of dark toast oak chips and whiskey/water mix.

GY005 Golden Gate Lager

Steep grains at 150F for 30 Minutes.
Pre-Hop boil of 10 minutes.
Boil (after first hop addition) 60 minutes.
Ferment @ 60F 1-2 weeks
Lager @ 40F for 2 weeks.

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