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Archive: Czech Moravian Kellerbier

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Czech Moravian Kellerbier

This was inspired by reading both the ‘Smoked Beers’ book and a cool artice from the Nov 2005 BYO ‘Kellerbier’ by Horst Dornbusch. Dornbusch’s article talks about Franconian unfiltered lagers and using ‘oak chip tea’ to simulate the barrel aging process.

Obviously this type of beer is actually a pretty old style of beer and I guessed that it was also brewed in Czech.

A couple quick google searches later using a English to Czech translator and I found a Moravsk Sklepn Nefiltrovan (Moravian Unfiltered Celler) brewed by Pivovar in Czech.

Another guess from the smoked beer book is that the malts of yester-year were smokier than now.

The Briess Anniversary Malt is a new Pils malt made from Moravian Barley variety grown in the Rockies. The Bonlander is the same Barley done in a Munich malt.

I’ve been wanting to try the WYeast Gambrinus 2002 yeast. High attenuator, and high floculation plus it’s the most widely used yeast in Czech. How can you go wrong.
This yeast has been discontinued.  Use any Czech yeast.


Moravsk Sklepn Nefiltrovan
Or Czech Moravian Kellerbier

Size: 5.0 gallons US
Style: Bohemian Pilsener
OG: 1.050, FG:1.012, Alc:4.9, IBU:43.0
(Alc method: by Volume; IBU method: Tinseth)

Name amount units pppg lov %
Briess Bonlander Munich 2.00 lb 1.035 10.0 20.0%
Briess Moravian Pils 7.00 lb 1.032 1.5 70.0%
German Smoked (Bamberg) 1.00 lb 1.037 2.0 10.0%

Name amount units Alpha Min IBU
Saaz 2.00 oz 3.2 90.0 30.0
Saaz 1.00 oz 3.2 45.0 11.0
Saaz 1.00 oz 3.2 5.0 2.0

1 Quart of ‘Oak Chip Tea’ made with 4oz of medium toast oak chips added to wort just before chilling.

Wyeast 2002 Gambrinus (Czech Lager)

Mash at 147-150F for 60 Minutes.
Step up to 158 and rest 30 minutes
Batch Sparge.

Pre-Hop boil of 10 minutes.
Boil (after first hop addition) 90 minutes.

Ferment @ 50F 1-2 weeks

Lager @ 35F for 2 weeks.

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