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Archive: Smoked Black Pilsener

From the Archive:

Smoked Black Pilsener

OG:     1.055
IBU:     45
SRM:   21

Grain Bill
9lbs German Pilsener
0.50 lbs German Munich
0.50 lbs CaraPils
1.00 lbs German Smoked Malt

Color Adjustment
1 oz Weyermann Sinamar  - Adjusts color + 16 SRM and adds roasty notes
OR Use .75 lb+ of Weyermann Carafa in the mash instead

0.50 oz Magnum @ 14% AA   65 Minutes
0.50 oz Magnum  @ 14% AA  25 Minutes
0.50 oz Spalt Select  @ 4.5% AA   5 Minutes

Wyeast 2000 Budvar Lager Yeast
WLP802 Czech Budejovice Lager Yeast 

14 Days @ 55F
14 Days @ 58F to dry out
14 days @ 34F for short lagering

Note that the use of Sinamar is great for a split batch.  5 gallons can be kept as is for a regular Smoked Pilsener, the other 5 gallons can be made black via the addition of Sinamar in the fermenter while pitching the yeast.

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